The measures to solve the motorcycle riders without waring helmets(2)

To increase the intensity of punishment, deterrence is illegal behavior.
For motor vehicle drivers traffic violations punished, not the ultimate goal of traffic management, the ultimate goal is to make the masses consciously abide by traffic rules, and set up civilized traffic concept, and to do this, we need to long-term unremitting efforts, the traffic police department to find and correct, together with propaganda and education, encourage the traffic participants consciously abide by traffic regulations.
One is on a regular basis to carry out the rectification action. According to characteristics of motorcycle in time, geography activities, implement fixed-point inspection with patrol duty, the motorcycle is relatively concentrated areas and sections, sharding section to carry out the renovation work, strengthen pavement controls, forming strong power; At the same time, make full use of road conditions in the investigation, take measures to reduce the speed of the motorcycle, prevent escape inspection and management.
2 it is strictly deal with serious violations. In illegal motorcycles act to increase penalties for motorcycle outstanding traffic violations, improve compliance rate: the withholding determined temporarily seized vehicles, vehicles for unlicensed, drunk driving, etc. If the circumstances are serious, the detention was detained, form a deterrent.
To strengthen safety management, to form a long-term mechanism.
From past work is not hard to find, to ride a motorcycle don’t according to the rules to wear safety helmets for centralized regulation, safety helmet, wear rate is high, after the clean-up, will gradually reduce the wear rate. This shows that many motorcycle rides personnel did not really realize the importance of wearing a helmet, no students to form good habit of wearing a helmet. This requests us the traffic administrative department of the long-term mechanism, establish and improve the road traffic management socialization management enrich the a line on the road to control police, keep weakening, intensify daily traffic management, inspect all kinds of traffic violations in a timely manner.

One is to put “motorcycle special law” and the daily management, avoid loose when the close approach, form long-term weakening momentum, eliminate fundamentally the motorcycle and its drivers traffic law and fluky psychology;
2 it is to should pay attention to actual effect. Strict law enforcement and justice in enforcement of the law. To investigate unlicensed drivers, punishment and urged it to carry out a driver’s license in accordance with the relevant provisions. Have not registration, inspection of motorcycle and must be released after licensing, inspection, to improve the strength and effect of treatment;
Three is to pay attention to the regulation of the targeted. Concentrated forces in motorcycle relatively concentrated areas and sections, sharding segments assault and form a strong momentum of the regulation, in illegal behavior, not wearing helmets do strictly management, shall be given a heavier punishment, form a bat, make broad motorcycle rides personnel gradually form the habit of consciously wear safety helmet, gradually formed in society ethos of driving motorcycles must wear safety helmet, so as to achieve the purpose of take temporary solution and effect a permanent cure.

The measures to solve the motorcycle riders without waring helmets

Intensify propaganda, improve the legal awareness:People, vehicles, road ‘is the three elements of traffic management, of which the’ people ‘is a fundamental element, therefore, to strengthen the traffic safety propaganda education, enhance the concept of the rule of law and safety consciousness is the basic measures of traffic safety management.

Correct misperceptions, improve safety consciousness:Because of the motorcycle structure is very simple, poor stability, in turn, scraping with other vehicles, braking measures or driving on the smooth road, and so on and so forth, carelessly a bit, can lead to car lost control and overturned on the ground, and a car crash. Once accidents happen, usually by violent collisions are often the first motorcycle drivers and passengers in the head. Helmet’s unique design and function is effective in relieving the external force, hit to the head, the earthquake force, effectively protect the head, therefore, sending helmet injury and death rate is much smaller than don’t wear a helmet. Most of the driving personnel did not realize the importance of safety helmet. As traffic manager, want to in a timely manner through radio, radio, Internet and other channels timely propaganda, to correct misperceptions of motorcycle rides on the safety helmet, and teach them methods of sending helmet correctly, timely remind motorcycle rides personnel: the urban road traffic is more, although the traffic is relatively slow, but the traffic situation is complicated and easily happened vehicle collision, so to be sending a helmet when riding a motorcycle.



The importance to wear the motorcycle safety helmet

The main traffic accident is caused by the poor stability of   motorcycles in summer, recently because of the hot weather, high temperature, to ride a motorcycle without sending a helmet with summer characteristics such as illegal behavior showed signs of head. Although never relax the traffic department for infringement of such traffic management, but this phenomenon the prohibition still. For this, I just would like to discuss the motorcycle safety helmet problem of “difficult to wear”.

The reasons to difficult to wear motorcycle safety helmets:

Safety awareness:

In many people’s mind, the motorcycle is a kind of light off-road vehicles, not like driving a car cause attention, quite a number of driving culture quality is low, and know little about the traffic laws and regulations, traffic safety consciousness, also don’t cognition to the importance of traffic safety. Pavement inspection found in most of the ride motorcycles are put car or motorcycle safety helmet hanging on the car after the safe, when to correct its illegal act, most people would wear on the spot, but most of the helmet off again after check, didn’t put the safety helmet from the self-awareness linked to traffic safety, its own security consciousness is indifference. Many motorcycle rides personnel think wear not sending the helmet doesn’t matter, especially the part of the pursuit of fashionable hair style of young people, they think that wear a safety helmet will affect the image, hold up your time; While other motorcycle rides personnel think the speed is slow, not sending helmet is also safe.

The environmental impact: After investigation, the weather is cold in Spring, winter two season out of people sending helmet more warm, summer, autumn two season because of the hot weather most rides personnel don’t want to wear, and most people think that go out wearing a helmet is not convenient to carry. Outdoor especially in the summer of high temperature hot environment, motorcycle rides personnel, more don’t want to wear a helmet.

Difficult to investigation:Ride a motorcycle don’t sending helmet is a common traffic violations, and driving personnel also don’t know sending helmet is a kind of illegal behavior. So if it comes to the police order, the parties concerned to avoid inspection and punishment often choose to fish in troubled waters, namely the clip in the middle of the large amounts of motor vehicle traffic, traffic police a short time can’t come forward to investigate; Diverted to reroute around method, that is, see a traffic police inspection head in advance when turned around the corner; Cramming method, i.e., found that the traffic ahead when first stopped to take safety helmet before crossing; What’s more extreme behavior broke the card. For this offence inspection is difficult, therefore, normal traffic on roads and their own security on duty police also have certain adverse effects.

Law enforcement “loose”:

Security management does not reach the designated position, eased motorcycle road traffic law space. A subjective existence we should carry out “the idea is the traffic police department. Law enforcement in pavement management, generally above just focused on small cars especially commuter trains, trucks, for car key vehicle safety management, belittle, or ignore the motorcycle safety management. Second, on the management mode, presented a tight, a loose, not form a strict long-term management mechanism, to the motorcycle and its driver traffic law provides a chink in the wall. 3 it is objectively motorcycle has the characteristic point more line  wide, long, and mostly concentrated in the urban fringe, conducive to publicity and management.

Penalties “small”:

ccording to the law of the People’s Republic of China on road traffic safety law stipulated in article 51: driving motorcycle, driving people sending helmet not according to stipulations of fined 50 yuan and meter 2 points; The shandong province road traffic safety violations fine standard “in paragraph 2 of article 9: sending a helmet when riding a motorcycle is not according to stipulations about twenty yuan. Penalties small put many rides personnel don’t think even sending a helmet, the traffic police department will only be fined 50 yuan, let alone may not be checked. Struck is weak, it is illegal to have also left the phenomenon more and more prominent.

The management measures for motorcycle riders without wearing safety helmets

Strengthen propaganda, abandon driving personnel fluky psychology. Should make full use of radio, newspapers and other news media, more to ride a motorcycle is not sending helmet serious harm of propaganda, has become a household the seriousness of the traffic law phenomenon, everyone to understand. At the same time, use modern network, electronic screen media such as television, square fast and intuitive, vivid, strong appeal of propaganda advantage, spread some typical motorcycle accidents, particularly in the electronics of real-time video capture system, the shock that can make the hearts of the people, to improve the recognition of the importance of wearing a safety helmet, consciously abandon fluky psychology.

Advocate the civilization, abandon driving blind with psychology. Traffic management departments at all levels to actively advocate civilized traffic, strengthen education guide, pay attention to the habit, targeted for driver education training activities, make the driving personnel away from blind with psychological, establish civilization driving behavior.

Constant attention, abandon rides personnel to cope with the psychological. Building a network of regional management “led police, department coordination, masses participation, group of tube for”, strengthen the management of motorcycle rides personnel and education, and normalized and institutionalized, targeted, intensify controls. At the same time, increase the intensity of road controls, and will not be sending helmets motorcycle rides personnel, and as a traffic management to grasp, not to have to deal with psychological ride at an advantage.

It seems simple motorcycle riders personnel individual behavior to wear helmets or not, but it brings us too much shocked, sad and the teaching of the blood bring us too many touches, warning and thinking. As a motorcycle ride, don’t let the looks be like simple choice, bear became a historic grudge. Excuse me, in the face of life and death choice, would you still think the choice is simple and it doesn’t matter?

The hazard to drive motorcycles without wearing helmets

With the advent of summer, temperature rise, more and more people select to travel motorcycles. As long as observe, however, is not hard to find, sending ride motorcycle helmets are few and far between, it has become a realistic traffic behavior of “stubborn”, is also a motorcycle accident “root cause” of high mortality rate.

The reasons that the motorcycle rides don’t wear safety helmet:

It is a long history that the riders don’t wear motorcycle helmets when driving. there are a variety of reasons, but the basic sum up several “psychology”.

Fluke mind. Ride a motorcycle to wear safety helmet, the provisions of the law on road traffic safety is clear, but many people mistakenly believe that, motorcycle, easy operation, flexible drive, strong maneuverability, and almost like riding a bicycle, wearing not sending helmet doesn’t matter. At the same time, ride a motorcycle is generally a short passage, throttle one plus to reach. So luck leads to ride a motorcycle don’t sending helmet phenomenon intensified.

Follow blindly. We have a saying in China called the ducks cross the river go with the flow, this is not fake, the verifier can be seen everywhere. People ride motorcycle to see other people don’t sending helmet, just follow blindly, you see me, I learn you, interact with each other, influence each other, until the full avenue man ride a motorcycle don’t wear a helmet, it has become a kind of hard to reject the traffic safety “bad habits”. Blindly follow the psychological kills, so to speak.

To cope with the psychological. Parts of motorcycle rides personnel to cope with the management personnel of the inspection, and management personnel to play “hide and seek”. They will helmet hanging on the motorcycle, inspectors found when wearing, check again after pass hang on the motorcycle helmet, safety helmets, truly become the “decoration”.

Ride a motorcycle to sending the provisions of the helmet, it is the blood of thousands of lessons. Motorcycles because of its fast speed, poor performance, poor protection, easy to happen traffic accident, and the extremely serious casualties after the accident, mostly caused by head injury, this is a major cause of motorcycle accident mortality and high morbidity. Therefore, to protect the head for motorcycle rides personnel is very important. Practice proved that the safety helmet to ride personnel head has the very good protection effect, can effectively reduce and reduce the external forces on the head, especially the brain damage, and thus, traffic accident in driving personnel fall or collision, avoid or mitigate damage to the head, reduce traffic accidents caused by the death or disability.


Type of Safety helmets for motorcycles

The choice of helmets for riders will be depended on several factors, including motorcycle, and weather conditions. Other considerations include whether it will be used in sports. Cross-country motorcycle helmet design is different from other car racing helmets.

Do you have any special design for drivers to wear the motorcycle safety helmet. It is designed for the type of helmet motorcyclists are:
Full face helmets: It provides the best head and face covered. Masks to protect the wearer’s fragments and insects, may disrupt the concentration of the driver. It also can prevent the collapse of the event, facial and head injuries.
Modular helmet/flip up helmet: it is also called as reverse, because the front part can rotate upwards. Closing, it is similar all over the design of the face.
Cross-country helmet: this is a specially designed ride cross-country motorcycle helmet. It is additional protection jaw parts and sun hat. Because it has an open surface design, it needs to wear goggles full protection.
Half helmet: the type of helmet covers the head, but no chin bar or face protection. Riders can wear goggles to protect from the debris, but it also can be used with a mask.
Open face helmets: provides a few events in the collapse of protection. In fact, it is short, just advice. Dirt and other debris, still can affect rider, even use goggles. The motorcycle safety.
There are other remember the motorcycle safety tips. If your helmet to protect your collapse, suggest you give it up. This is true, even if it seems to be intact.
The driver Wearing coloured mask full face helmets should consider getting a different night horse riding helmets. Dark shield, can hide in the night your field of vision, to increase the chances of an accident.
Motorcycle accident caused many deaths, caused by head injury. Because of this, is a protective device of motorcycle helmets, an important piece of gear cannot be overstated. There are a lot of design, should satisfy even the most discerning driver.

The significance of safety helmet for motorcycles

We must understand that any decision to get a motorcycle helmet is probably the most important security considerations. Rider is the fact that in the case of a crash easier is obvious, but the collapse of the statistics represents a more severe. Despite repeated warnings and horror stories of the victims of the accident, many people haven’t realized the importance of wearing a bike helmet.

Head injury is the most common cause of death in a motorcycle accident. Death or injury cases, no rider helmets, may be prevented from the fact that safety helmet absorbs most of the impact. This problem has received so much attention and has got involved in the government. Now most of the law of the country, requires motorcyclists to wear helmets.

How to work for motorcycle helmets:

Most of the motorcycle helmet plastic construction. Their design and special area can absorb most of the shock absorption effect. More expensive helmet is usually made from carbon fiber and aramid fiber combination.

Helmet is filled to help it suits more secure, and provide added value. In the event of a collision, the helmet design, because they absorb shocks in some areas.



Full face motorcycle helmets

Different from half face, open face, motocross helmets, Full face motorcycle helmets  give the greatest amount of protection to our riders. As its name implies, a full-face helmet provides total coverage to the front and rear of rider’s head. So in the same situation, most of person may select the full face motorcycle helmets instead of open face, half face or off-road helmets considering its safety. An added benefit of the full-face helmet design is built-in eye protection in the form of a visor/face-shield, which can be swapped out with tinted or non-tinted versions. Of course, the material of the shell is also very important, ABS and fiberglass are both normal material, if it is made from fiberglass, it is more safer, however, the cost is much higher, as it is made by hand and the production speed is lower, for ABS shell, it is made by machine, so the cost is lower, considering the cost, you can also choose ABS full face motorcycle helmets. Utilized in road-racing, many full-face motorcycle helmet designs are replicas of the helmets worn by professional riders in MotoGP and the World and AMA Superbike ranks. Due to their racing application, many full-face motorcycle helmets are Snell approved. Browse through enormous selection of men’s and women’s and kids’ full-face helmets for street bike, dirt bike, or ATV riding.